Sun conjunct Chiron in synastry?


How does it work? Thanks. Here the chart


From my observation Chiron Sun conjunction can bring a profound, healing but also painful relationship. It blurs the roles in relationship, and the Chiron person can teach a lot the Sun person about sexuality as well.

Zane Stein will give you as usually the best answer on Chiron: If you have your natal Chiron in conjunction to a planet in another’s chart, there is automatically some type of attraction, usually mutual. And the area of attraction fits the nature of the other planet. The attraction is not of sexual nature, unless the other planet is something like Mars or Venus. Rather, it is the attraction toward someone who seems to be travelling along the same path—-a kindred spirit in some fashion. And, [here is a crucial point], what happens next depends a great deal upon the type of relationship, but even more, on the person’s self-image.

IF each individual is fairly well-balanced, an excellent relationship can develop here with a feeling of being true equals in whatever area the planet represents. This is truly a good thing in romance, as you can imagine. It can be very positive in teacher/pupil and parent/child relationships because both feel free to learn from the other.

BUT, if one of the individuals feels severely lacking in this area, or in need of help, that person turns to the other as a teacher, or guide, and seeks the other’s ‘superior wisdom.’ As you can imagine, this would be of benefit in counseling, or parent/ child—-but can be a possible hazard in such relationships as marriage. Given enough time the Chiron aspect tends to equalize differences, and so the two people have a chance to grow eventually to feel equal here. But, until then, it is possible to build up resentment against the very person from whom you are seeking help.

No matter which type of relationship this is, one thing seems especially to be true—-the planet that is aspecting Chiron from one chart to the other seems unable to keep up defenses to keep the Chiron person out. It is as if, for the Chiron person, the walls around the other come tumbling down—-or at least the Chiron person has little trouble getting inside the walls the other person has built around self. And depending on how thick those wails were initially, and how dependent the person was on the security provided by the walls—-such openness can be felt as truly fantastic, or extremely frightening. Especially since the person being aspected by the other’s Chiron cannot develop any other way to erect wails around his/her planet.

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I notice your chiron is conjunct North Node and then conjunct her sun/juno. there is a very karmic learning lesson going on here.

“Sun conjunct Chiron between charts: This dynamic conjunction brings in healing potential to the relationship and allows the sun person to learn of their strengths and their inner wounds that need to be released for their growth. The sun person receives healing and understanding, a sense that a missing piece has arrived in their life and although the piece missing is always an eternal component the catalyst comes through Chiron. For the Chiron person it is often the connection with their sun person that brings them the uncovering of their destiny, their unique and undeniable place in life. Talents are exposed and brought into the world. These are not always ‘easy’ relationships as often old wounds must be bared to bring about the most healing but the connection that lies below the surface is always about compassion, caring and a true conviction in the potential of each other”

by Linda Rankin-Astrology Unlimited.

Next time you research syanstry using a bi wheel, just make sure you reduce the orb ratio down to 40% as this brings the aspects max to 3' plus consider posting the aspect grid as this makes things even easier to see. top left of chart is for view additional tables (PDF) This will bring up 2pages. Scroll down to last page for the ASPECT GRID THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS IT SEEMS TO SHOW MORE ASPECTS THAN IS VISIBLE ON THE BI WHEEL… problem is uploading to photobucket (or imageshack) you have to change this from Abode format into a picture/jpeg format. This is done by getting the relevant page/grid in front of you on screen then, the press ‘prtsc sysrq’ – top row inbetween pause break and F12. This has been copied to clipboard. Paste (Ctrl V) into Paint or some other photo software. Crop the picture and save to hard drive, then upload to photobucket, select chart, press ‘direct link’ and past link into thread…. all done :)

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I have chiron conjunct a guys sun, mercury and mars! Would you say that i am the one that will bring healing to this connection? We are also very attracted to each other, so would the mars aspect enhance this? What will my chiron do to his mars, how will he react?! thx

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I think it truly depends on the sign and the house of Mars.

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Maybe this can give you even a better idea:

“Mars represents energy, will, activity, courageous, lust, challenger, motivation, impulsivity, direct, establishment of ego, force, effort etc

Chiron represents help, teaching, healing, understanding, scientist, experience, love, wisdom, punishment/reward, lessons, protection etc.

Mars + Chiron = Willpower

Mars individual can teach Chiron individual to have more motivation, confidence, will, to be more active, more dynamic. He teaches Chiron to fight for what he beliefs, he builds the self-confidence and stimulates the Chiron person motivation and to seek challenges with great activity and courage.

Chiron individual can teach Mars individual to be more calm, to express the energy in a creative way, to be more loving, to have more affection and calmness, to use it’s great energetic potential for good of others and himself. He teaches the Mars person to be more spiritual and to have more wisdom.

Mars represents the shout of pain, while Chiron heals it. Chiron represents the great idea, while Mars will express it. Mars represents materialism, while Chiron represents spirituality. Chiron represents seeks wisdom from outside, while Mars seeks wisdom from inside.

They both are seekers of adventure and breaking the routine, Mars is the energy, while Chiron channels it or teaches how to deal whit it.

Chiron and Mars is a very exciting combination, dramatic, explosive and at the same time harmonious if you work well together, for personal evolution and the partner."

from astrologyweekly boards

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