Synastry between Richard Wagner and Ludwig II of Bavaria?


Historians are still trying to figure out their relationship. I wonder if astrologers can give a clue. Also it’s still a mystery if Ludwig was killed or committed suicide. Is that possible to see it from his chart? Thanks!

Here their charts:

Ludwig II of Bavaria (August 24, 1845, 11:35 PM)

Image Alt Text

Richard Wagner (May 22, 1813, 4:11 AM in Leipzig, Germany): Image Alt TextImage Alt Text


King Ludwig II had an AA chart based on Rodden Ratings as compared to a rectified chart that’s, at best, a C Rodden Rating chart for Richard Wagner. Therefore, there’s just so much we’re going to be able to determine from these two charts. They’re not in compatible format to make a logical and rational analysis with accurate timings for the Moon or the Ascendant, so the potential for offering a third level of analysis through the Composite chart isn’t even relevant.

However, there are certain potential compatibilities that can be thought of as what appears to have been Ludwig’s obvious patronage of Wagner, I would assume he was perhaps Wagner’s benefactor. It’s said that music soothes the savage beast, and Ludwig may have related to that saying since his Sun and Moon were in close square to each other. Wagner’s Sun conjunct the king’s Moon would have been quite a soothing effect, not to mention the general calming energy that could have assisted the king even in his daily affairs if the two had developed a friendship, as is also quite possible. Note Wagner’s Sun is also conjunct his own Venus in Taurus. It seems to me that the two might have been genuine friends if only through the music itself.

Wagner also had a fixed T-square of Mars in opposition to Jupiter in square to Mercury, and since his Sun and the king’s Moon trined that natal Mars of Wagner’s chart, it served as a release for that inner tension Wagner also possessed. For Wagner, he seems to have been something of a gambler, taking chances when others might not have done so. He was quite outspoken, but he didn’t mind learning from his mistakes or through debates and vigorous conversation with those with whom he spoke.

As for the potential of the king’s having been murdered, no, I don’t believe that. The Sun-Moon tension in his own chart makes me suspect that he could have convinced himself as it were through that 12th house Moon. That, even in air—or perhaps especially in air since it would tend to make a very active placement in a quiet house—could have convinced him to do away with himself.

Unfortunately, we may never know for sure.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much. I’m truly impressed with your take on this.


I asked the same question at astroknowlogy facebook page and Matthew Carnicelli answered:

Wagner’s Sun is conjunct his Moon – extraordinarily compelling, as if the music wasn’t compelling enough on its own. Wagner was taken incredibly seriously in his time, as an artist and a thinker. Heck, even Nietzsche took him seriously for a while.

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