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Hi all :) I,m so confused about this subject.I don,t live in the place that i was born, i left when i was 2 years old,so i went to astro. com and i made my relocation chart wich give me a gemini ascendant and then with a solar fire demo (johndro relocation chart)it gives me a sagittarius ascendant…i,m truely confused.The whole chart change dramatically, my moon/neptune conjunction shifts from the 6th to the 12th house and my sun, mercury and mars stay at the top of the chart. Well…any information about johndro relocation and geodetic charts? i feel more the saggy vibe but i do have natally jupiter in sagittarius so…well…thank you in advance the help :) Salty Water*


Hiya, SaltyWater. Although like you, I am thoroughly confused when trying to figure out Relocation Charts, I just got one from www.CafeAstrology.com. It was a different and, I think, better reading than I got from them about another location a few years ago. Even though I still don’t know the calculations, I understand it a little better after reading it. This one is for Sydney, Australia [ I was born in Philly, PA], and it moved all of my planets from the second house to the 7th. But they still stayed conjunct if they were conjunct, square if square, etc. It really focused upon the planets in relation to the Asc/Descendant axis, at least in this reading. And it seemed the interpretations were a little different than a Natal interpretation. Anywho, hope you continue to post so you can find what you’re looking for!

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Just for future reference astro.com have THE very best free charts available. Cafeastrology charts, where do I start – they have no clear house divisions (very important) they show no retrograde planets (unheard of) they never put chiron on the chart wheel, they never show detriments, fall, or exalted planets, they don’t give the elemental balances or quadruplicities either. Inferior, Inferior and Inferior please do NOT use cafeastrology charts or 0800 or alabe or astrotheme !! the only slight thing in their favour is quite a good computer readout of the chart basics, whereas astro.com has an intereactive model, where you put the cursor on a planet and it brings a popup box to describe a planet in house and aspects to/from it


Natal chart and birth place will ALWAYS be the blueprint of who you are. So if new to studying astrology just stick with basics first and leave relocation charts alone.

[solar fire demo (johndro relocation chart] I’m don’t use solar fire, so cannot comment, I simply use the excellent free charts from astro.com. So all relocation charts do is use a ‘different location’ still DOB and TOB and no mathamatical aspects change but it does simply move certain planets from one house to another.

So if you go onto astro.com in Extended chart selection, instead of selecting ‘circular charts’ go to next one to right ‘special charts’ select the Country,ie: europe,world etc and this will give you a map with lines where your planets intersects certain countries.

You can of course just get a circular chart using a different location to get the ‘new relocated natal chart’ But llike I said earlier if new to astrology learn the basics first.

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Thank you so much for your answer donnabahama. As for Saggimc…well if i asked about relocation charts it,s because i know enough about astrology to know what is relocation charts. I know that our natal chart is our blueprint, it,s our astrological DNA. The problem it,s that i don,t live and i will never come back to the place that i was born…So, my chart changes dramatically, all my 5th, 7th and 8th house planets transits to 9th, 11th and 12th house with moon, neptune, jupiter, black moon and other asteroids. I want understand the áreas of my life and the potencialities that i have here in this country, so the relocation chart can give that answers. In my deep soul i will always be VIRGO/TAURUS with 5th, 7th and 8th house vibe…with the relocation chart other áreas are activated ( 9th, 11th and 12th )so…i can not leave relocation charts alone…impossible!

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