Venus conjunct Venus in synastry?


How good is this synastry aspect?

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just remember max orb in synastry is + or – 3' Always helpful to post charts here to. Easy to upload via the toolbar, just to left of A is picture frame


When you share the same value system with someone, it makes a relationship easier when the hard times come. I would only think that two Venuses in Scorpio (too deep) and Aquarius (too wide) have difficulties with each other, but maybe maybe even fanatical emotional commitment (Scorpio), and a joint social engagement.

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“Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine other person’s Venus These aspects help boost your overall compatibility, as your styles with regards to expressing love and affection are similar, or at least you appreciate how one another expresses love. This basic understanding goes a long way towards enhancing cooperation. You tend to appreciate how one another dresses, decorates, handles money, and socializes as well. Similar tastes and values are present, helping decision-making skills as a couple. This also suggests that you tend to cooperate with one another on a basic level, and creating harmony between the two of you is one of your priorities. For the most part, you feel at ease in one another’s company.” http://www.cafeastrology.com/synastry/venusvenusaspects.html

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This is a great synastry for sharing all kinds of pleasures in life.

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