What activities are allowed in Hawkesbury River?


Hawkesbury offers the widest range of activities and attractions for everyone. There are a lot of things from fast paced adventure for the young and active crowd to more leisurely activities to suit the whole family. Some of the most common activities include water skiing, fishing, wakeboarding, river rafting & tubing and many more. Apart from this, you can go on cruises to experience the different moods of the river while relaxing and sightseeing along the fantastic shores of the Hawkesbury. Houseboats are also some of the perfect options to enjoy with family or a group of friends. Also, you don’t need a special license to drive these houseboats as they are very easy to handle. There are several houseboat providers which offer the most comfortable houseboats for making it a fun adventure for you.

So, if you ready to explore the beauty of Hawkesbury River and want some exciting adventure in the river itself, you can also search for: Hawkesbury River Houseboats

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