What are astrological reasons for allergies?


What are astrological reasons for allergies?


Allergy Remedies by Heather the Cosmos Gal

It’s been the worst year for allergies in many years and my boyfriend and I are really suffering. I absolutely love my man and hate seeing him so sick everyday. So, I decided to do a little investigating. I’m very keen on using natural home remedies. I feel that sometimes people are too quick to grab a bottle of over the counter medicines. Half the time these medicines aren’t actually even curing your body but just relieving your symptoms.

Don’t search for just any quick fix to stop that itching and sneezing. Choose to love your body and your sweetie’s more by taking proper care the natural way. The Earth has provided us with everything we need to restore and replenish ourselves. Yesterday was Earth Day, remember, so look for ways you can heal yourself and loved ones with the powerful tools given to us by our planet.

EARTH SIGNS Omega 3 Fatty Acids! Omega 3 naturally helps your body rid itself of allergy symptoms. Earth signs, use this as part of your daily breakfast regime this spring. Make a hearty bowl of Nature’s Path Omega 3 & 6 Pumpkin granola. It’s full of flax and pumpkin seeds, which carry that good fat. Give your body an extra boost by throwing in some cranberries and walnuts, too. Cranberries are full of anti-oxidants and walnuts have omega 3 as well.

AIR SIGNS Close your windows!! Pollen is more abundant in the air during morning hours and around dusk. Be sure to keep your windows closed and change your air filters more frequently. There are even special allergy filters you can by from your local hardware store that are a little more expensive, but so worth it.

FIRE SIGNS Use spice! Ginger is a great natural remedy for your sinuses. It completely opens up your head. I have a great juicer, so I like to juice ginger, a little lemon, and a little orange. I then boil a teapot of water. I pour the contents of the juice and then the hot water. I always add a little sweet agave nectar to kill the sourness. It’s so yummy and full of healthy goodness. Ginger is a natural antihistamine, so it’s a great choice for clearing up those sinuses.

WATER SIGNS Use water! Pollen can stick to your hair and clothes, so be sure to wash you and your sweetie down when coming home from work this spring. Also, since your washing things, why not wash out your sinuses with a neti pot? This is one of the best ways to clean out your sinuses. Water is so healing for our bodies. Drink it, bath in it, and snort it to rid yourself and your sweetie of irritating allergies!


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Hopefully this helps:

Look at the 12th House in your horo­scope. If its Zodiac sign governs body parts prone to show allergy symptoms, you may be sensitive to that specific allergy. That’s particu­larly plausible if you have planets in the House – especially the Sun, Mercury or Jupiter, which are the most likely to create allergy when they are in that House.

Those planets don’t need to be in the 12th House to cause allergy, but if they are elsewhere, they must be badly aspected or obstructed in some other way. Also the 6th House might cause allergy in the body part governed by its Zodiac sign, but probably not without the sun, Mercury or Jupiter in it – whether badly aspected or not.

Whatever House the planet causing the allergy is in, it’s the Zodiac sign it occupies that decides the type of allergy – what body part it will harass.

Transits are unlikely to create allergy, but they may trigger a dormant one, or make a mild allergy worse. Since that’s usually a lasting thing, it has to be one of the slower planets – most likely Jupiter or Saturn – and in a transit opposition, square, or conjunction. If it’s a square, the allergy will not last as long and be as severe as if it’s one of the other two aspects.

When you have located the allergy in your horoscope, you can treat it, maybe even cure it, by stimulating the native planet involved, so that obstructions to it are eased. Check other aspects to it – or to a planet conflicting it – and ponder how to make their forces work more smoothly.

For example, if you have Mercury in the 12th House and Cancer, and suffer allergic rash of some kind, take a look at any aspects Mercury might have to other planets in your horoscope. They are the reasons Mercury is held back, which is what causes the allergy. Try to allow Mercury to be expressed anyway – in this case by intellectual activity that is expressed in a very concrete way. Don’t just think, but write it down, come to conclusions, and adjust your everyday life accordingly. Speak with a deep voice, and make sure to think before doing so. But speak. Communicate with others, even if it’s time-consuming and seems to be of little use.

When Mercury is stimulated, instead of all the time just yielding to its aspected planets, it will cease to react with allergy. Even if Mercury has no aspect to other planets, you should stimulate it to treat your allergy – but in that case it is more difficult for you to find ways to express your Mercury properly.

When the planet causing your allergy is elsewhere than in the 12th House, you should not really stimulate it – but almost the opposite. Allergy can be a result of over-stimulation, especially in the case of Jupiter and Mercury. So, if this can be suspected (by the planet being involved in a lot of other activity), try to tone it down, and transfer some attention to any other planets it may be aspected to.

Allergy is treated by balancing, which sometimes means more and sometimes less.

As for what body part is affected, check the Zodiac sign that governs it. For example, a rash or another skin reaction would be Cancer, whereas nose and throat problems belong to Taurus. Not all body parts are sensitive to allergies, so several Zodiac signs are not likely to ever be involved.

Here are the Zodiac signs and the body parts they govern:

Aries head, brain

Taurus neck, throat, ears, nose, teeth

Gemini lungs

Cancer skin

Leo heart, blood

Virgo food intake intestines

Libra food processing intestines

Scorpio genitals

Sagittarius eyes

Capricorn bones, spine

Aquarius arms, legs

Pisces nerves


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It took a while to find a good anti-allergy medication. Here it is: Tree Pollen Allergy Treatment 1 Ounces

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Taurus in 6th house Scorpio in 12th house I’ve had a FOOD allergy all my life (peanuts) but the seasonal allergies right now aren’t really bothering me. Maybe a little eye rubbing but nothing serious.

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Here an interesting thread on this topic:

Allergies usually find an association between Moon and the sign Virgo or its ruler. Whether it’s a discordance with mum, dust on the table, aversion to food, or 1001 other properties/facts/persons, there is something physical to which the Moon reacts violently through an allergy.

With a lack of the fire element, strength is not as forthcoming as it could be. When alien substances enter the body, its natural warriors are not in a position to fight against those that are detrimental to its welfare. They need some help from outer sources. If you follow a vegetarian/ vegan diet, there is a necessity for red and hot and spicy foods to warm the blood and the body, so to speak. Some sort of physical exercise should occur to get the heart and blood flow racing, allowing you to perspire freely in order to get rid of the excess water the body is having to hold onto. Finding outer energy sources that will help ‘light a fire’ within are so necessary for your health and well being. With progressed Sun now under influence of Aries, you may find it arising.


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I am suffering from cold allergies, some time running nose and stuff since four years according astrology 12th Lord mercury with moon and Mars, 6th Lord dasa running Jupiter and placed with kete in 7th house.

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