What are indicators of psychic abilities in a natal chart?


What are some of the most common indications of psychic abilities in a natal horoscope chart?


I heard again and again from people with Moon in Scorpio that they are able to clearly see some future sequence of time, which then occurred exactly as seen. It is interesting how most of them had different reactions to it, from very unsettling, to a positive feeling of inner guidance.

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Ooh! I like this thread!!


Any of the positive Mercury-Neptune aspects (the square/inconjunct could lead to lack of clarity)

Sun, Moon, or Mercury in any of the water signs

Mercury trine Uranus

Moon conjunct Neptune

Mercury or Moon in the 12th or 8th house

Pluto trine Moon

Moon conjunct IC

moon or Neptune on the AC makes you an emotional sponge

A well-aspected Chiron on the MC denotes psychic and healing abilities

Pluto in the 8th or 12th but the 12th, I think, is extremely potent. The people I’ve met with that—woo!

As a sidenote: I read some time ago that hair was also linked to psychic ability. For instance, when Native Americans were first drafted into the military due to their fierce fighting style suddenly lost all their ability after their hair was cut per standard. The reason? They could no longer sense danger from afar and thus, were left vulnerable to attack. Each Native American recruit followed this same failure on the field or in combat.

So the more hair—the better! Even armpit fur!!! So put away those razors. ;)

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Sun in Virgo in 8th house. I do have “otherworldy” powers..I can see ghosts to and spirits and I am super sensitive and empathic.. it used to be a problem because I would feel overwhelmed in public..I feel things very deeply and I don’t generally think anyone else understands that.. (…)

I have 8th house sun, too, but in cancer. I don’t see ghosts or spirits, but do see auras, and am somewhat clair-audient, clairvoyant.

I think there’s no problem with not talking alot in public, unless YOU feel there’s a prob.

This thread on psychic abilities:


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Here a very interesting article by Estelle Daniels about Moon/Mercury Aspects and Psychic Ability

There is little written in the astrological literature that addresses psychic talent. While some texts concentrate on the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, there are two more “mundane” planets that can show psychic aptitude.

The Moon is the swiftest planet in a horoscope. It symbolizes emotion, intuition, feelings, impressions, instinct, routine, things that you do which are patterned and require little conscious thought. It rules the Sign Cancer and the Fourth house of an astrological chart. Where the Moon is in your chart by sign and house can show what you need to do to be happy and emotionally satisfied.

Mercury is the next swiftest planet. It has a dual or multiple nature. It rules thought, mind, mentality, commerce, language, communication, everyday life, transactions and contacts which a person makes in the course of a day. Mercury also rules the five senses, and so rules over visualization and information gathering in general. Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo and the Third and Sixth houses in the astrological chart. Where you find Mercury in your chart by sign and house is where you need to be heard or what you strive to communicate.


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Most of the psychics I’ve encountered had Venus as a dominant planet and a Draconic chart filled with water signs.

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