What are "minor progressions"? [CLOSED]


Can someone give me an example. Thanks.


by Elva Howson

Rarely have I seen mention of Minor Progressions on any of the internet discussion forums and when I have, the remarks are usually not favourable re the Technique, or I find that the person contributing is talking about an erroneous chart produced by one of several large astrology program suppliers that calculate the Minor Progression charts using a rate based on a mean lunar month. Minor Progressions are each successive Lunar Return after birth is said to represent each successive year after birth. As Lunar Returns vary in time interval from month to month then surely we should be basing our calculations of Minor Progressions on this ‘True Rate’ not a ‘Mean Rate’ of motion. The same can be said for Tertiary Progressions although one Australian software supplier now (after much badgering from me some years ago) offers a True Rate option as well as a Mean Rate option for Tertiaries. I believe that ‘True Rate’ Minor progression charts have much to offer the astrologer when used in combination with the Natal chart particularly when viewed on a bi-wheel where angular conjunctions can be readily seen. As with many of the Techniques we use in astrology certain ones gain popularity while others are neglected and I really think Minor Progressions have suffered neglect due to the fact that too many people using astrology today rely on software rather than learning and understanding the basic hand calculation of each Technique.

Another point I would like to bring forth in regard to Minor Progressions is the use of the Parallax corrected Moon. I have been doing some work with these charts and find (to date) that the results appear far superior to using the Geocentric Moon especially when a planet (either Minor Progressed or Natal) is close to the Minor Progressed chart angles or vice versa. I have not seen or heard of anyone else using the Parallax Corrected Moon in Minor Progressions although many astrologers are now using the Parallax Corrected Moon for Lunar Return charts and therefore it occured to me that why should we not be able to use the Parallax Corrected Moon for Minor Progressions.



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The Minor Progressions are the fastest and the Secondary are the Slowest with Tertiary in-between. They sort of emanate from the moment of birth and first transits like rings of water expanding out from whatever falls into it. You know, the concentric expanding ring thing. I start developing images from off of those photos of airplanes breaking through the sound barrier and space ships breaking through black holes. That might be what it’s like for the soul to be born on earth.

Here’s an example, the Secondary Progressed Moon follows a cycle of 27 years, 3.5 months; the Tertiary Progressed Moon follows a cycle of 2 years, 13-20 days; the Minor Progressed Moon follows a yearly cycle. “We find reality operating on three different levels and, simultaneously, at three different rates of speed (p. 13).”

The best book on this topic: Progressions (Astrology: A Language of Life, Vol. 1) by Robert P. Blaschke

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