What astrology is behind life and death of Amy Winehouse?


I believe the focus should not be on her “troubled life and addictions” but on what we can learn from her life, about her extreme emotions and how she experienced and creatively translated the depth of polarity between sexes. What do you see in her birth- and death-chart (from darkstarastrology.com)? Image Alt Text


Amy had many planets in Sagittarius (Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune) which made great aspects (trines) to her Leo planets of Venus and Mars. So much iconoclastic energy (Sagittarius) giving a positive outlet to her energies (Mars) and her affections (Venus). She was loved by her public and channeled much of her energies into being a very successful songstress and composer.

So what happened? Without her birth time it is hard to see what energies were playing out in what astrological houses in her chart. But here are some thoughts based on aspects. She had many aspects iner horoscope indicating a volitile and energetic personality. Here are some:

Mars conjunct Venus – actions for love produce a firecraker effect.

Sun conjunct Mercury – mission in life can be communicated forcefully and effectively.

Pluto conjunct Saturn – Problems (Saturn) can cause dramatic transformative changes (Pluto). ALso, learning from your mistakes can turn your life around and bring monumental changes.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus – Large scale luck and expansion (Jupier) comes hand in hand with explosive almost uncontrollable change (Uranus).


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In Amy’s chart, Chiron is in Gemini which shows that this deep wound for her is in her ability to express herself to others. We see another indicator of that in the fact that Mercury is retrograde in her chart (meaning it appeared to move backwards at the time she was born). Chiron is also retrograde, suggesting that this wound runs deep. The opposition of Chiron to Uranus, which is not uncommon in individuals born between 1955 and 1985, has a well-documented tendency to evoke addictive behaviors because of its intense effect on the nervous system.

This is a dramatic combination of diverse planetary influences that can be difficult to reconcile, and Amy’s strong Neptunian influence facilitates her amazing creative expression but also creates delusion and illusion in her life. This influence was heightened over the past year as transiting Neptune opposed Mars and Venus in her chart, weakening her resolve (Neptune/Mars) and creating confusion in relationships (Neptune/Venus). This is the beginning of a cycle that began last year and will continue over the next few years, bringing Amy to the brink of disaster in order to force her to make hard choices.

Next year won’t be any easier for Amy – transiting Saturn will be making a square to the painful Chiron in her chart, and squaring Jupiter and Uranus as well. Saturn cycles impose limitation and restriction and urge us to do the hard work of introspection and apply discipline in all aspects of our lives. When Saturn and its restrictions hits the rebellious urges of Jupiter and Uranus, life can be difficult unless we force ourselves to do the work that is required and delay our personal gratification for the time being. This cycle will continue through next summer for Amy and could mark either her greatest productive period yet, or her most painful.

Another intense planetary cycle for Amy is the passage of transiting Pluto over her Moon/Neptune conjunction. Pluto cycles bring dramatic change as we are forced to let go of things from the past that no longer serve us in our evolution forward. Pluto cycles are intense and can be difficult, but also bring about exhilarating change as we become more completely the person we are meant to be.

Life isn’t always easy, and it is more difficult for some than for others. But inherent in every challenging birthchart is the gift of transformation, and let us hope that Amy is able to balance her difficulties before she does serious damage to herself.

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here a very good analysis of her chart:

(…) Mars rules her 12th house of drugs and alcohol, illness, especially hidden illness, mental illness, self-undoing and secret enemies. Since it’s on her NN-AC with ruler, mercury in the 5th squared by it (mars) and ruling 5th (mercury) any of these house indicators are involved in her death. With T.Mars on her NN and in her first I wonder if she decided to stop drinking or cut down drastically. Mars-first transit is an assertive and stubborn placement. I looked back and she did have t. mars on her NN the other times she quit substances and went to rehab, so I wonder….If she stopped alcohol completely or even drastically cut down for any reason it could be deadly. Alcohol is a substance you need supervised detox for because the withdrawal can kill you. This could fit in with the heart problems. She may have even gotten sick and couldn’t drink her usual amount. Mars-first can indicate illness, especially fevers. Or she could’ve run out of alcohol or been injured so that she was unable to drink. It’s just a thought and it would fit in with the feeling of tragedy I felt, like this was something other than drug abuse and cruel irony.

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(…) Amy has Moon/Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius (possibly) this aspect often symbolizes mother as the “suffering woman”, who may have sacrificed her own needs for freedom, and her own security by staying with a man who was with another woman. The Sun may also square the Moon in her natal chart which can reflect a psychological split. Conflict between Amy’s self (Sun) and her habitual patterns, (Moon). Basically What I described earlier with her Virgo/Sagittarius challenges. Sun/Moon in conflict can describe insecurity and a deep inner conflict.

With Sun square Neptune Amy’s self confidence has been fragmented, her will is less focused and at times confusion and disillusionment can ensue in relation to life, goals, and her father. Escapism and avoidance of responsibilities can become problematic. With such heavy Neptune aspects she may prefer to run away rather than confront problems. Amy may have also become lost in all the glamour and illusion of her life that she has lost her true humble centre, what could help her get out of this trouble (Sun in Virgo).

Moon in Sagittarius is inclined to be restless, needing freedom, non committed, fun loving, humorous etc. she needs to expand the meaning of her world, she basically likes to come and go and she pleases. The Moon conjunct with Neptune describes her sensitivity to her environment, if she is surrounded by negativity than this can affect he well being, and emotional state. This combination is indicative of creative gifts/artistic gifts. But there is a strong need to evade harsh reality.

Mercury/Virgo/Sun this is her critical nature which may be turned on her self, this combo can give good powers of analysis but Neptune squares this aspect and therefore can get in the way of logical thinking, although she is highly imaginative and creative, she may not always view life realistically. It would help her if she could clarify her objectives, and focus her attention on one thing at a time as her mind has a tendency to drift off. (…)

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