What brings a person into public spotlight?


Is it true that simultaneous aspect to both midheaven and IC is common for people who are famous and well-known?


If you have an aspect to the Midheaven, the aspect will automatically also be to the IC since the IC opposes the Midheaven (MC). For example, if you have the MC at 24 Gemini 13, the IC will be 24 Sagittarius 13.

On a temporary basis, you can be in the public eye with as little as transiting Mercury conjunct the MC. I’ve never checked much to see how others respond to various aspects conjunct the MC, but two of my sons and I have planets conjunct the MC. Mine shows a conjunction at a little over 6° and an opposition at a little over 2°30; one son has a double conjunction at a little less than 1° and 2°, and the other has a conjunction at 1°30'. All of us have been in the newspapers and on television/radio many times. On the other hand, so have the other two who don’t have a planet conjunct the MC.

I checked your question/hypothesis with a few charts in my files. I can’t offer as tight calculations as I usually do since I’m responding in spare moments before I leave for some minor surgery this morning. My apologies.

The following do not have a planet conjunct or in hard or soft aspect to the MC:

Ben Affleck

Charles Aznevour

César Chavez (he has Saturn in 4th, but it’s a bit wider at more than 6° than the orb I’m looking for)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mohandas Gandhi

Rock Hudson

Steve Jobs

Richard M. Nixon

Luciano Pavarotti

Pablo Picasso

Fife Symington III (former Arizona governor)

Elizabeth Taylor

Those who have at least one planet conjunct or in hard or soft aspect to the MC:

Ingmar Bergman – Neptune (33 minutes of orb), Mercury (less than 3°)

George W. Bush – Saturn square the MC (2° orb)(his father has a w-i-d-e out of sign conjunction of Mercury but it didn’t fit the quick parameters I’ve used for this)

Johnny Carson – 1st house Mercury conjunct the Ascendant in square to MC (3°)

Jimmy Carter – 1st house Saturn out of sign square to MC (3°30')

Cher – 12th house Venus square to MC (3°)

Bill Clinton – Mars/Neptune double square to MC (both less than 1°)

Gerald Ford – Mars less than 5° trine to MC

Sonia Gandhi – Pluto less than 4° square to MC

Adolf Hitler – Sun less than 4° square to MC

Angelina Jolie – Jupiter conjunct MC, less than 1°

Bruce Jenner – Sun less than 5° square to MC

Kim Kardashian – Jupiter conjunct MC, less than 1°; Moon opposed to MC, less than 1°

John F. Kennedy – Saturn conjunct MC less than 4°, Uranus quincunx MC, 3 minutes

Sophia Loren – Jupiter conjunct MC, about 5°

John McCain – Jupiter conjunct MC, about 4°

Paul Newman – Jupiter sextile MC, 18 minutes

Barack Obama – Jupiter sextile MC, less than 2°; Uranus square MC, less than 4°

Rick Perry – Venus conjunct MC, 3°59'

Carlo Ponti – Jupiter conjunct MC, less than 4°, Pluto opposed to MC, less than 1°

Richard Pryor – Neptune square MC, less than 1°

Mitt Romney – Venus conjunct MC, less than 2°; Saturn opposed to MC, less than 5°

Nicolas Sarkozy – Venus opposed to MC, less than 4°

Maria Shriver – Venus sextile MC, less than 3°

Justin Timberlake – Mars square MC, less than 5°

Prince Harry, UK – Moon opposed to MC, less than 5°

Prince William, UK – Sun and Moon trine MC, Sun and Moon both less than 3°

Queen Elizabeth II, UK – Saturn conjunct MC, 1°05'

Sorry, I can’t do more. Time to leave. Hope this helped you to see it’s not defined by this aspect alone. You have some heavy hitters on both sides of that fence.

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