What does it mean when a person has Pluto in Libra & in the 10th House?


I currently have the following that aspects to Pluto:

sextile Sun quincunx Mercury sextile Venus sextile Jupiter sextile Neptune


Some thoughts:

  • you are good at recycling skills of those around you and giving it some kind of purpose and even transformative direction, new type of leadership
  • you are critical socially, but not really pro-active about it
  • you indecision is “killing” you sometimes
  • you can’t verbalize your social needs
  • your biggest social success would include regenerating the idea of power (as justice?)

Can you relate to any of these folks with Pluto in the 10th house:


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If your Pluto within 7 degrees of MC, this may be interesting:

You are likely to be powerful and resourceful in your chosen career, and may have a transformative effect on those around you. For this reason, you make a better leader than a follower. You are likely to seek a career that enables you to excercise some degree of authority, without which you could feel powerless. Try not to become too controlling of others, even if you believe it’s for their own good. You may need to guard against the desire to control and manipulate others to do your bidding. Your father may have been a very strong influence in your life, possibly even a rather controlling figure, who may have seemed all powerful, or who held a very powerful position in the local community.

A career or profession that involves deep research, uncovering things that are hidden from view, things that society may deem unfit for public airing, subjects that may deal with death [ a coroner or homicide might be examples] and subjects that would normally be considered taboo, may well feature in your life. Certainly there will be a very strong drive and desire to reach a position in life where you have some degree of control and authority. A powerful career or possibly one that is secretive in some way may also feature in your life. This might suggest a career of profession akin to the Police, the FBI, CIA or any covert operation where secrecy is of great importance.


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