What does Lilith conjunct North Node mean?


I saw it in Disney’s chart and just wonder what it means? Thanks.


It means that instinct, equality in relationships, and being in touch with the wild within and in the natural world is something he in many lives (including this one – I do evolutionary astrologer) didn’t learn how to do. It leads to believing that one should be cut off from or ignore instinct. It also can make for ignoring nature and not honoring the Earth itself.

I don’t know a lot about his biography, but basically look at how he related to mind vs visceral instinct – he would have favored mind and perhaps not really been in his body. Peace, Tom Jacobs

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very interesting. thanks.


Tom Jacobs Lilith Book!

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This is a wonderful read about the Nodes by Jan Spiller: Astrology for the Soul (Bantam Classics)

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The mythology of Lilith has to do with the feminine demanding her rights as an equal and accepting nothing less. Lilith was Adam’s first wife but refused to take a subordinate position to him and was tossed out of the Garden of Eden because of it. Black Moon Lilith represents the energy of that ostracized feminine force, cast aside when she wouldn’t bow down, when she refused to be silenced and continued speaking the dark truths that the society around her would not face or accept.

BML consciousness relates to all the damage and difficulty that come with living that. Living on the edge of a society that would prefer you didn’t exist – because it would prefer not to look at the things you represent. It relates to the process of owning, honoring and bringing to the table all the dark and ugly parts of the feminine experience usually considered socially unacceptable and denied. It holds the consciousness of the experiences of that feminine force throughout history.

(And let me be clear: speaking about the feminine force does not necessarily = women. Women generally do embody more of the feminine, but the feminine/yin/inner is an energetic force embodied by both women and men, just as the masculine/yang/outer is.)

Black Moon | Black Moon Astrology | Astrology Lilith http://www.astrotherapy.eu/BlackMoon.htm

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