What is Auriga in astrology?


What is Auriga in astrology?


Auriga is a constellation. If you were born between June 8 and June 16 the sign beyond the zodiac is Auriga, the CHARIOTEER, the adopted human son of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athene. He was the inventor of the horse drawn chariot and reigned in Athens three and half thousand years ago, where he introduced the use of silver. In the skies, he holds the goat whose horn was the original ‘cornucopia’ – the Horn of Plenty.

Your gift for bringing order out of chaos – and for mediating between people makes you a civilising, life-enhancing force in any group you may belong to.

Location – The stars of Auriga lie due north of Orion.

Your Plant – Mint.

Your Jewel – Mandrake.

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Mandrake is a plant, not a jewel. Also, Auriga is a constellation, NOT an astrological sign. There are only 12 astrological signs. You can’t be born in the sign of Auriga. Sheesh.

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Thanks interesting. Mandrake Image Alt Text

“Mandrake was much used by the Ancients, who considered it an anodyne and soporific. In large doses it is said to excite delirium and madness. They used it for procuring rest and sleep in continued pain, also in melancholy, convulsions, rheumatic pains and scrofulous tumours.” by Moon Goddess Magick

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