What is Mercury Retrograde?


What is Mercury Retrograde?


Except for Sun and the Moon all planets go through phases in which they change from a direct to retrograde motion as viewed from the Earth. People become introverted and subconscious takes over. Mercury stands for mental processes, and when it’s retrograde you can observe any or all of the following: re-prioritizing, losing and misplacing stuff, lateness or earliness, getting stuck on the airport, misunderstands and miscommunications.

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Expect to have to REpeat and/or REdo things. Maybe several times.

Delays are much more frequent now. If you travel by plane, check for delays in flights – car rentals – lost luggage and related items – sudden cancellation / rescheduling of the trip. And in fact, all kinds of travel may be delayed. Appointments may be written down wrong, or not written down when they should have been. Your car might have problems show up now that delay your trip, as well

In fact, the potential for car trouble, or any type of machine or electronics trouble, is greater at this time. Expect problems from your computer, your dial-up system, satellite problems, hard and software problems – not a good time to purchase computer products. Or any type of machine or electronic products.

Purchases for anything other than the most routine items often end up being returned. Sometimes they are defective, sometimes broken, or sometimes you realize later you really didn’t want them anyway.

Communications of all kinds can go awry. Letters lost before they get mailed, or misrouted and not getting to the destination on time, if at all. Verbal and written communications can be misunderstood very easily.

Documents written now may have errors in logic, or not say what you thought you were trying to say. Or typos may get by you that will show up later. Contracts are best avoided now, for this reason, but if you must sign a contract, check it over again and again, and show it to someone else to re-check it a few times as well. Sometimes, the other party in the contract may actually be trying to pull a deception, so be extra cautious at this time, not only for what the contract says, but what it doesn’t say.

Medical diagnosis is sometimes way off at this time, so if you must have a diagnosis, get a second opinion now. Or, if possible, hold off until Mercury goes direct.

Jobs started during Mercury Retrograde rarely last.

If you play a trick on someone, it will almost invariably backfire on you.


If you meet a ‘special someone’ during Mercury Retrogarde, it quite often does not last.

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The “Trickster” Mercury while retrograde is truly creative. Besides the usual suspects of miscommunication and lost mail, I’m adding this time “postpone any work done on the house”. Both in the Coop that I own, and in the apartment that I rent, a same problem occurred: leaking ceiling. Both happened after the fact that the work was done to improve the ceiling, right after Aug 2nd. Need I mention that Mercury is dancing along my fourth? Also, this time around Mercury retrograde seams to be working along with retrograde Neptune.

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I often find that Mercury retrograde makes me want to go into hermit mode. I feel like half my brain is missing so I’m really not that interested in interacting with anyone, plus every conversation seems to go in an unusual, confusing direction. I feel much more irritable & frustrated & things just don’t seem to go how I want them to.

So that’s the bad news. Mercury retrograde can be a total kick in the teeth for those of us who normally pride ourselves on having our karmic shit together! The GOOD news is that Mercury retrograde provides us with lots of beautiful opportunities if we can just tilt our head & squint


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A prior lifetime in which you were discouraged to think, learn, or express your ideas is indicated. This may have carried over in this lifetime as a mild learning problem in childhood, or inner (somewhat unconscious) doubts about your ability to learn or to communicate. Thus, you have a habit of rechecking, reconsidering, reviewing, and rethinking everything before you put it out. You may even have a desire to learn about subjects that seem archaic, to learn about those things which were denied to you in the past.

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