What is Selena the white moon in astrology?


What is Selena the white moon in astrology?


Astrologers still argue about the nature of this astrological point, which should express a man’s possibility to leave the time circle of karma and enter the eternity, the eternal world of the spirit.

They argue which points of interaction of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth express and how they express Selena. Nevertheless they agree about the seven years cycle. The positions they indicate also reveal only slight differences. I am presenting one of these versions of Selena’s positions. P.P.Globa suggests this version.

The cycle of Selena lasts for seven years. This period is needed for Selena to move through the circle of the zodiac.

When I am commenting these positions I am applying the characteristics of this point as well as the general astrological logics. Due to the experimental nature of this astrological material, I would advise to apply this information wisely and critically.

Selena, the White Moon, has three levels of expression in the human life.

The first level: A person does not perceive, ignores, or confronts the expression of Selena and the guidance of spiritual plans. He either does not feel when Selena is active or receives the reverses of fortune instead of support. This happens due to the process of purification.

The second level: A person starts experiencing Selena’s influence. He is able to make use of its inspiration. However, this happens usually on a superficial level, unconsciously, and intuitively. On some levels Selena’s expression is still unperceivable.

The third level: A person consciously perceives the spheres of Selena’s expression. He makes every effort to disclose its power. At the same time he aims to disclose the guidance of the spirit and the relation to the Creator. Selena inspires and provides him with success and power. His ability to transmit the light of the spirit delivered by Selena gradually covers more and more spheres. This ability becomes conscious and opens the cooperation with the spirit. It also helps to realize one’s mission, to leave the karma circle, and enter the eternal world of the spirit.



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