What is the influence of asteroid Pallas Athene?


What is the influence of asteroid Pallas Athene in someone’s horoscope chart?


Pallas Athene is the Goddess of Wisdom who generates mental and artistic creations from her mind. Sprung from the head of her father Zeus, she represents the principle of creative intelligence. It can symbolize capacity for strategy, quest for clarity and truth, sense of justice, the acquisition of skill and ingenuity in useful arts, and the ability to channel life energy for healing. Just as she can in women, Pallas can signify either a man’s rejection of the feminine within himself, or the drive to integrate the opposite sexual polarity into his psyche. The placement of Pallas can also suggest how a man perceives the strong, independent women in his life. This usually has to do with his sense of his own competence.

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Pallas Athena is about discernment, recognizing patterns, father daughter relationships and being in control of your emotions. She also tries to resolve disputes and to restore justice where it is missing.

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A person with Mercury conjunct Pallas is likely to be rather intelligent. Pallas was the weaver and represents whole pattern perception, she governs thinking, linking and piecing together. For this same reason she is associated with cities. She governs strategic planning and where Mars is a soldier, Pallas is a commanding officer. She belongs to realm of ideas, hence her connection with Libra, an air sign. In the trial of Orestes it was she who cast the deciding vote which demonstrates her affinity with justice.

Positive attributes of Pallas One’s daughter / DaddyÍs little girl Patron of the arts Rules the Immune System Strategy Whole pattern perception Intelligence / Intuition Justice Wisdom Rules Horses Defense I believe she governs the kidneys

Negative attributes of Pallas: Conflicts Legal battles Injustice Weakened immune system

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