What's a Uranus conjunct Descendant transit like?


Does it really work against the steady relationship and how? Thanks!


Uranus over the Descendant: Freedom in relationships

“A new epoch is starting in your life regarding the way you relate to the world and important people who are close to you. Change comes now because of a growing need to see the world and experience new people – people who inspire you to think in radical new ways. This brings consciousness growth in connection with groups and perhaps also new connections abroad and travel. Existing relationships must adapt and provide far more space now, so that both you and your partner can evolve and grow.

Neither you nor your loved ones can tolerate restriction, dominance or manipulative behavior – love is also about setting people free. If you are in a relationship that you have longed to get out of, this could be the time. If you are not in a relationship you may well meet an unusual person, a foreigner perhaps, who takes you on a wild ride. If you have enemies at this time, don’t underestimate them, as you are vulnerable to a surprise attack. You take the freedom now to learn new and rather unconventional skills for dealing with people, and this can change how you work professionally. This period can be expected to a new life full of freedom and possibility.

With Aries on the Descendant you enjoy the challenge of balancing a partner who is demonstrably an individual. Now, with the Uranus transit, this individual comes with a universal declaration of independence, which can spur you to examine your own dependence and bring more space to the relationship. Give freedom to those you love, then give some more. It is a liberation. As the Descendant is also “over there”, this is likely to bring trans-continental adventures."

by Adrian Duncan from Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment

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