What to do when Scorpio attacks?


I mean verbal (and emotional) attack of course. Thanks.

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I would be really helpful if you posted a link from astro.com free charts for us to evaluate properly. When you get the chart, save to hard drive, then upload to free photobucket and paste the ‘direct link’ in here….


I like to understand a sign by looking at the components. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto (or Mars if you’re a traditional astrologer like me). As such, Scorpios would not be subject to sudden mood swings in the absence of other factors. Therefore, you can assume that whatever emotions led to the attack must have been present for some time, and that the lashing out (Mars) is a reaction to something. If you find out what upset them so much, you will have the opportunity to transform (Pluto) your relationship.

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Thanks that’s very good to know.

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