What will my health be like for 2014-2015?


What will my health be like for 2014-2015? Will I loose any weight?

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Your Natal chart is a blueprint of your personality, facets and penchants and the whole chart is ‘potential’ for development. There is nothing guaranteed or fatalistic in charts, I do believe we still do have free will. I also believe we chose our parents and childhood circumstances best suited to learning those Lessons in the best way we can. I think it’s worth bearing in mind that the natal chart, like solar returns are all about ‘potential’ but as we all know we don’t always fulfil that potential.

Please bear in mind every chart has a mixture of good and challenging aspects. Learning astrology makes you much more self aware of your good and not so good character traits and this awareness can help you modify and change. Your natal chart is full of potential and its entirely up to you whether you fulfill that potential or not. Your chart is a major influence and NOT a control mechanism. Also please remember astrology does not reliably predict anything.

health astrology is a rather specialised branch astrologyweekly forum have a whole sub forum ‘just’ for these types of questions

but also look at POF (Part of Fortune) 1st & 6th houses, any planets there/signs/aspects.

Ruler of 6th house and health

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Astrology can give you health suggestions, but it will ultimately depend on your discipline, for which you have a great potential (Jupiter conjunction Saturn). Astrology works pretty well in showing you the path to a good health and reason that cause the imbalances.

You probably like big meals, you like to spend a lot of time on them, and also you don’t know when to stop (in the 2nd house of ingesting food you have Saturn conjunct Jupiter, Venus ruler of the 2nd conjunct Mars).

This would be maybe okay on it’s own but the actual digestions indicators do not support large meals, and big meals puts a great pressure on the entire metabolism. The simple solution is to consume only lighter dishes with a lot of greenery and protein-rich grains like this best quality Tamaki – Haiga (Signature Quality Short Grain Brown Rice) 5 lb Bag

and Hain Five Grain Tempeh, 8 Ounce — 12 per case.

. Your digestive system is almost vegetarian (Uranus rules 6th house). Through a current transit this area of your health is now the most exposed (transiting Uranus conjunct Sun). The ideal diet for you is probably Mr. Kushi’s macrobiotic diet. Also take a look at dietary recommendations for Aquarius and see if something rings a bell there.

Finally when it comes to elimination, the possibly confused food running through your system comes in a highly busy area of your chart (8th house) where no pattern can be established. Once the step 1 and 2 are part of the same digestive process, the relief should be there also for the nutrients to be saved and provide you with a better health.

I hope this little sketch can be valuable to you. :)

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Very helpful. Thank you Hieronimuss:)


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