Where can I find the cheapest accommodation in Sydney and what do they offer?


In Sydney, there are several cheap youth hostels and accommodation options available city wide. Some of them offer online pre-booking facilities and you can visit them first to check out the facilities and book a room you like. Prices vary according to your requirements, but there’s plenty of options to choose from including large dorms, small dorms, single rooms, double rooms depending on your budget. Most hostels offers free luggage storage, free Wi-Fi, friendly outdoor areas and it’s worth asking about self-catering to save on breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cable TV and laundry facilities are pretty standard but may cost you a little more. Some hostels may offer you affordable parking and you may even pre-book a space for your van or car.

However, if you want to find the most affordable facilities, you can compare online. Try search for: Cheap Accommodation Sydney

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