Where is Love in astrology?


Where is Love in astrology? Is it in the planets, in Jupiter, Venus and Neptune? Is it in the signs? Are there different concepts of love for Leo than for Cancer, for example?


Just sharing this wonderful post by Neeti Ray:

(…)I don’t know what Venus in Pisces is really like, but I have been thinking about love and here’s what I wrote while she drifts in my twelfth, while she drifts through the sign of the Fish:

Love cannot be forced, manipulated or extracted. Do any of that and you kill the magic, you break the fragile bubble that is love. It flows freely and picks its own direction. And all you can do is surrender. Maybe it’ll flow over you and then away; or maybe it’ll flow by you; or maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones and it’ll bathe you in its glory forever.

There’s a great need in people for love, for romantic love. But I think we’re approaching this the wrong way when we pin it on someone and we pine. We pine, we suffer, we stumble, we curse, we cry. But why? I don’t see it like that anymore. I see it as an impersonal force that operates through us. It doesn’t matter who you pin it on or whether you direct it at someone or not. It doesn’t matter whether we’re genetically programmed for it to perpetuate the species or if it’s a mystical surge in God’s heart that finds its way in ours.


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Neeti Ray is indeed a marvelous blogger, Owly. When she pulls in the additionally divine Gibran from his chapter “On Love” in The Prophet, she captures it perfectly. Nice job. Yes, you were just sharing it, but it’s well worth the sharing. From the philosophical point, you have nailed it at least from the standpoint of Venus in Pisces. Well put!


Here, this article is like some of the best poetry I’ve ever read. The two levels of love Rudhyar talks about are Venus and Neptune. I hope it gives you some clues…

Two levels of Love

by Dane Rudhyar

Everyone speaks of love; most people “make love.” A female loves her young and will fight for them; Carmen is killed by her lover in the passion of frustrated love. The Christian saint loves God; the Hindu Chakta and the Persian dervish sing or dance until they collapse in a frenzy of love for the Eternal Beloved; and Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Yseult die of love. Millions begin really to live only as love takes them and renews them through delight and through pain. Love, always love!

“God is love,” the Apostle tells us; but life, too, is born of love, is consummated in love. Love and death; orgasm and ecstasy; holiness and tragedy; the feverish dream-visions of mystics and adolescents, the embraces of wedded conformity or the sex play hiding boredom or emptiness under the pretense of love adventures. What confusion surrounds this little word — love!

Why must it serve all purposes? Does it refer actually to a multitude of very different feelings, acts, levels of consciousness — or is there only one feeling, one power, one driving urge expressing itself along many paths, taking a myriad of forms to reach its essential goal? What could this goal really be?

In these few pages, I shall try at least to suggest the nature of this goal; having stated it, I shall show that in the vast cyclic drama, or “play,” of existence, this power — “love” — operates fundamentally in two ways or at two levels. In men and women, two modes of expression of love very often blend or are harmonized in a subtle, usually unclear, manner.



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We posed the same question in yahoo answers, here some answers:

by Undertaker:

Venus deals with the lower nature and the higher nature of love; either an aminalistic approach or a pure approach to love. How this love is will be colored by the sign Venus is in. How this love is expressed is shown by the aspect, whether it is for sex, or true love. Basically, Venus wants to smooth out difficulties and maintain a sense of harmony and rhythm. If the principles of Venus are not used, individuals will be incapable of recognizing or feeling true love. They will lack the proper respect or others, and can become slothful, coarse, and disordely, showing a lack of refinement and sensitivity to others. The type of aspect Venus receives will indicate how this love is used and expressed in the areas of the hosue it is in. To answer your question, Venus in a water sign or in a fire sign will act differently, and the same for earth and air. In fire sign, the person will actively seek romantic and social fulfillment while in water, the person will have an emotional approach to art, music, romance etc… They will exhibit deep feelings of empathy and sympathy for others.

by Been There:

Oh, Dane Rudhyar is very good. Very difficult to slog through his writing style, but his information is dead on, and he can put it in such a way that once you’ve absorbed the information, you don’t need to use a reference book to use it.

Of course everyone has their own idea and practice of love. Both psychology and astrology know this. And this is why there are so many divorces … because one person will love in a particular style that the other one doesn’t recognize as “love”.

by Dew

Moon, Venus, 7th house, its ruler, aspects, Juno, Lilith, Eros, Mars, Pluto, 5th house, Vertex, and your Ascendant… and possibly many many more.

I recently read an article on the fixed signs and how they represent different types of love. Taurus – sensual; Leo – creative, romantic; Scorpio – sexual; Aquarius – detached. And how all of us go through this cycle starting with Taurus and ending with Aquarius which represents unconditional love – loving somebody for who they are even if you do not interact with them at all. It also rings a bell with Christianity since those four “creatures” are often represented there. I think that might be the major symbolism behind fixed signs.

I have my Venus in Scorpio tightly square my boyfriend’s Venus in Aquarius. And there’s really a lot of friction between us. But I guess on some level he is teaching me that I do not need to be completely absorbed with somebody in order to show them I love them, and they do not need to be totally absorbed in me and pay attention to me 24/7 to show they care.

In the biggest challenge there’s the biggest growth. It is painful but it indeed changes us.


by Acpicco

This is not a question. This is an outline for a lesson plan for a semester of a class called “Love & Astrology.”

Luckily I have written a handful (6) of blog posts about it. See


and read the 6 called “Love & Astrology.”

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I believe Neptune’s influence is significant since it regulates natural drugs in our brain. When two people are attracted to each other, a virtual explosion of adrenaline-like nuerochemicals gush forth. Fireworks explode and we see stars. PEA or phenylethylamine is a chemical that speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells.

Also, involved in chemistry are dopamine and norepinephrine, chemical cousins of amphetamines. Dopamine makes us feel good and norepinephrine stimulates the production of adrenaline. It makes our heart race!

These three chemicals combine to give us infatuation or “chemistry.” It is why new lovers feel euphoric and energized, and float on air. It is also why new lovers can make love for hours and talk all night for weeks on end.

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I feel I should share this by Jeremy Neal. What a great mind:

Our ability to love is based as much on what we need as it is upon what somebody else can give. Ultimately, it ought to be like two pieces of a jigsaw, a compensatory mechanism where your strengths support your partner’s weaknesses and vice versa.

Astrologically, it is clear that Venus alone does not tell us the whole story in the rarefied realms of human love. Mars adds spice and passion, but he too does not complete the picture. The Moon is helpful — she speaks to those deeply habituated needs we have learned — but even under her pale influence we do not yet have the complete formula for this most elusive of elixirs.

True love cannot be made without Chiron.

Chiron is a centaur, a wild and wise being who in our astrology highlights our most untamed weakness and our most supportive potential. It is where we are most vulnerable and most in need of sustenance; so inevitably, if we find some other person who in some way soothes that vulnerability or wound, then they are going to become an intimate acquaintance in some sense, and what could be more intimate than the bond of mutual respect and support that is formed between lovers? By understanding Chiron in our astrology, we can very quickly begin to grasp some of the very fundamental support requirements that are thrown up as a result, and the type of person who might be able to address them.

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