Where is Lucifer in your chart?


How do you feel about it?

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Found from: Tom Jacobs: Evil, Astrologically: Lucifer

For a few years I’ve been working with the asteroid Lucifer (1930), making notes, numerous false starts on that tome and working extensively with clients on the archetype as it plays out in their lives.

The only useful definition of evil is that which we can use to move away from what we think of as good.



Mine is in the house of religion, and of course the whole theme of Lucifer, ie Satan was the dominant theme overruling the love of God with the more right wing side of my family and always there as a weapon, I suppose, with the more liberal side, one minister on each side of the family. During and after my Uranus opposition I was led on a quest to delve into the original language and history, along with mastering tarot, numerology and astrology. Grandpa would roll over in his grave, but he never approved of much of anything.

Mine is opposing Neptune and Venus, trine Pluto, square Chiron. Only asteroids, fragments, inhabit my 9th. But my very important Mars/Jupiter is there with Amor at critical 13Aries. That masculine pair are the rim of my bowl chart with only the nodes beyond, adding a strong edge as my cup overflows.

How interesting to discover that satan is Hebrew for adversary, the opponant, which fits Saturn so well, but only until we’ve passed his test. Then he becomes our Lucifer, the bright shining illuminater of truth. The final chapter of the New Testement quotes Jesus claiming to be the bright morning star, Lucifer, Venus when she rises before the Sun. They say the early bird catches the worm.

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Mine is 20 degrees Scorpio, in the 6th house. I don’t know anything about it’s influence. This is what it’s supposed to do:

It can manifest through our feelings of powerlessness and our desire for power (Scorpio).


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my thoughts on Lucifer ~

let me see ~ an ‘arrogant’ & ‘rebellious’ angel ~ which puts him closer, in kind, to humans than the other angels…

Lucifer ~ name meaning the “bringer of light” ~ light that has been known not only to illuminate, but also to burn…

asteroid Lucifer in Gemini, 6th house: fear of being seen as a communicator of crafts, as a peddler of trade secrets, as an advocate of basic skills (esp. as opposed to artistic ideals)

conjunct Mars: worry that your motivation will be misconstrued as overly mundane

opposite Uranus in Sag.,12th house: difficult to reconcile with more exotic spiritual callings, at first, at least

trine Jupiter & midheaven: when the fear of what it may ‘seem like’ is overcome, huge gains are to be had

by MaryAllen, discussion continued:


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My Lucifer is in gemini conjunct my midheaven and oppose my sun (and Chiron/pluto) in the 3rd house

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Hi, mine is in very tight conjunction with Mars and Eris in Aries opposite Pluto, trine Neptune in Sag and Trine Lilith in Leo, square Nessus in Cancer. Don’t know much about it’s astrological significance, just found it. I guess we all have something we would NOT like to bring to light or into the World, my potential for rage is probably one of those things. So far so good, I’m a pretty gentle person but I know there is a line never to cross (you know, hurting someone I love fx.), others know that too instinctively. Might be that, might be a whole load of other things, as I said im new to this astroid

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