Why are Oppositions in Astrology said to be challenging aspects?


Why are Oppositions in Astrology said to be challenging aspects when both planets are in compatible elements, such as Venus in Gemini opposing Neptune in Sagittarius? (air and fire)

Is it really true that opposing planets in astrology are like a “See saw” and you have to “balance” them ..i guess similar to the idea of the north node and south node..OR ..are the energies (especially since they are in compatible elements) “fused” or merged into one line of energy..and how well this energy is used depends on how else the two planets are aspected? by .^.


Like everything else relating to an individual natal horoscope it depends on a number of other factors also present in the chart. Taken alone “very strong oppositions” would likely suggest that person’s “life will be very difficult.” But “very difficult” as compared to what? For example, a person born with missing limbs no doubt will have a more difficult/challenging life than one born with normal limbs. Ever heard the old saying: “I complained about having no shoes until I saw a person with no feet.” “Difficult” aspects can present challenges but should never serve as an excuse for not trying to make the most of life. That is a primary reason why an in-depth understanding of the “tools” one is born with is so important to realizing a fuller and more productive life — which is a primary reason for getting one’s horoscope read as early in life as practical by a competent professional astrologer.

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Robert Hand says, “The symbolism of the opposition aspect is very much what one would expect: polarity, strife, conflict, and so on, but also partnership and cooperation, as well as consciousness itself.

… Whatever energies are linked by the opposition, they are combined in such a way that they produce instability and change through conflict.

If one examines the conflict, it is seen to arise between an aspect of oneself that has been projected outward and an aspect of oneself that is experienced inwardly. Put more concretely, the opposition signifies a conflict between an external factor and an internal one, and the external factor is the result of an inward energy that one does not as yet understand to be within the self… .

It should be clear, especially in the case of the individual who finds others disruptive, that the disruptive person, entity, or situation is being used by the individual’s subconscious as a mirror to confront an aspect of himself which he then tries to make conscious. Thus the opposition aspect has, through such confrontation, the potential to increase the level of consciousness… .

The goal is a state of perfect equilibrium between the two energies involved in the opposition: it represents the aspect’s partnership and cooperation side."

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The opposition has traditionally been interpreted as symbolizing the need for compromise in the house and sign polarity in which the opposition is located. Oppositional problems are resolved through compromise between the individual and another individual or other external factors. Such problems are interpersonal in nature. If the individual does not reach a successful compromise, the problems may manifest in the physical symptoms of disease. A third-ninth house opposition, for example, indicates that the individual should listen to what others have to say (ninth house) and also express himself through communication (third house). It takes two to make a conversation. A person who will not listen to others, or who is afraid to communicate his thoughts and feelings to others, may express this frustration physically as a disease. To be loved by others (eleventh house) requires that one love in return (fifth house). An opposition in this polarity may symbolize some problem in the free exchange of love, and when a successful compromise is not attained, again we may find a physical manifestation in disease.

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Stephan Arroyo wrote that “The opposition, particularly since it usually involves planets in harmonious elements, indicates a degree of over-stimulation in the person’s energy field which often manifest as a feeling of being caught in the middle of completely opposite tendencies.”

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